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When HYPE writer Ndimakazi Mabala got to interview Trey Songs, let’s just say we got mad food for thought. Here’s more from that interview that you didn’t read in the magazine…

‘Bottoms Up’, how did that collaboration with Nicki come about?

We was in studio, we’d been there, listening to tracks all day, nothing sparked. Right before we about to leave, we say, “let’s listen to some more tracks”… We play about five tracks [and] that one came on – *sings beat* and I just said *sings tune*. It took about 45 minutes to write the song. We went through a list of who could be on the song. I was like, Nicki’s the one, because she’s unexpected, she’s at the cusp of her boiling point. And she came and did her job and murdered it.

What’s the greatest advice that Sean Carter has given to you?

You gotta grow, in every aspect. Musically, you gotta take your audience somewhere. And what he meant by that was not only grow myself but grow them, give them a further experience as to why they’re on a journey with you. If you’re not growing, you’re not giving the people around you an experience that helps them to grow, and you remain stagnant.

Do you see yourself working further in your relationship with Rocawear?

I’m an ambassador for Rocawear, I’ve modelled the clothing for over a year and now we’re onto the fragrance as well. We have a perfect synergy, within each other – Jay-Z, my big brother, giving me a lot of insight into business and through Rocawear, Trey’s Angels is now a clothing line. I was actually upstairs looking at new sample pieces. The full launch will come in August. We’re aiming straight at the ladies. I think they’re gonna love it.

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