Only in his early 20s and he’s already $300,000 richer…

Keagan Petersen (South Africa), Big Brother StarGame Winner is smiling all the way to the bank, just for being REAL for 91 days on camera for Africa to watch!

Last night viewers were on the edges of their couches as Nigerian MC I.K announced the Big Brother 2012 Winner.

South Africans went crazy on social networks, as this was the first time a South African housemate won the game that has now been running for seven great seasons.

Keagan has given props to his friend and Big Brother StarGame partner Lee for inspiring him to enter the show. He partnered with Lee as they are best friends and have known each other for over 18 years.

Keagan’s favourite place in South Africa is his hometown Cape Town, he believes that the best thing about the continent is the amount of cultures it has and the people that make Africa a better place. Outside of Cape Town, he says his favourite place in the world is Miami, where he lived for five years.

His greatest achievements so far include living independently in a foreign country at a young age, achieving his black belt in karate and playing professional soccer.

Keagan has stated how he will invest the money, help out some family members and donate an amount to charity. Surely his partner Lee will also get a share.

Bridgette Makhela

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