Meek Mill The Dream Chaser

He has been ranked 7th on the annual MTV Hottest MC list of 2012 and was recently nominated for a BET Award this year but this hierarchical level is a result of a man choosing to chase a dream and at the end of the day a dream chasing him. This time one has to look and learn from the Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill (aka THE DREAM CHASER) and how the superstar has reached the level he is on today.

Robert Rahmeek Williams (born May 6 1987), known to most by his stage name Meek Mill, is a rapper who many would consider to be one the hottest rappers in the game right now and considering the fact that he is part of the hottest groups in the game right now just adds to his already HYPED up career. Meek is said to have adopted the rap name “Meek Mill” after family and friends from his neighborhood kept referencing him by his middle name (Rahmeek). It’s said that Meek Mill is the latest rap phenomenon to come out of the city of Philadelphia, as Meek Mill only began taking the rap game seriously at the tender age of 12 after losing a street battle to neighboring rappers in his hood. Inspiration came from the deaths of his mother and father who both passed away when he was still 5, while he grew up with his sister.

Later Meek formed the group, “BloodHoundz,” which consisted of Mel Love, Dat Nigga Leel and Young Pooh, however the group only lasted for five years and Meek drifted on his own path (Dream Chasing).

Meek quickly became one of Philadelphia’s hottest underground rap artists, which labeled him as a raw, gritty and talented rapper. Not many people know this, but he was briefly signed to T.I’s label “Grand Hustle Records” and a record deal with the chance to work with one of hip hop’s greatest rappers seemed to have given the young rapper his chance to raise his lifestyle. But then an arrest proved to be  more than an obstacle and Meek was charged with a crime and ordered to serve seven months in jail.

In 2011, Meek signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and with that deal came forth a timeless joint called “Ima Boss” which really introduced the young Philadelphia rapper to the mainstream world (Dream Chasing) and after that came forth a party joint called “House Party” and so on…

Just a quick overview of his life should be enough to encourage young rappers to start chasing their dreams and with that young rappers can learn that it’s never too late to be self-made( excuse the pun). “Dreams & Nightmares” is Meek Mill’s expected first studio album, which will drop soon and with all that dream chasing that went down in his life, one can expect an original piece of work that depicts his experiences and reality (I say Amen to that!).

Rudzani Netshiheni

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