Young Buck Goes to Jail!

31 year old Nashville rapper and former  member of G-Unit, Young Buck has recently been sentenced to prison for a year and a half. He’ll begin his jail stint on August 13. He was found guilty of weapon possession. The weapons and ammunition were found when the IRS invaded his home for unpaid taxes which amounted to $300,000.

The reason he was sentenced to prison is because he was in possession of weapons and is a previously convicted felon. Fans will remember his conviction when he stabbed a man at the Vibe awards 5 years ago. His sentence could’ve been 10 years, so Buck has a lot to be thankful for and just wants to put this all behind him.

The rapper has also been facing bankruptcy. The IRS announced they’d be auctioning off his valuables to recoup unpaid taxes.

As part of his sentence, he must remain on electronic monitoring until he officially goes to serve his time in the pen. He’ll also be on supervised release for an additional 3 years after he gets released from prison.

Check out the video where he addresses his sentence.

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