RUN D.M.C to reunite in November

It’s the seventh annual “fun fun fun” fest held in Austin, Texas, from November 2nd-4th and the surviving members of the legendary and iconic RUN D.M.C are set to perform at the event.

This performance marks as the first time the group performs since the groups disbanding in 2002 after member Jay Master Jay (real name Jay Mizell) was murdered in Jamaica, Queens recording studio.

Joseph “Run” Simmons and Darryl “D.M.C” Mcdaniels will both pay tribute to the group by blasting through the groups classic hits, however D.M.C will also be performing a set during the fest with his live band as a preview of his new solo album.

Considered to be Hip-Hop royalty since the scenes of their self-titled LP, “RUN-D.M.C” in 1984, to following up with the iconic “King Of Rock” and “Raising Hell” albums in 1985 and 1986.

The festivals organizers are said to be working with the Jay Master Jay Foundation by donating a part of the festival’s proceeds to the foundation.

Excited about the reunion, RUN D.M.C still prove to uphold their Hip-Hop effect till today.True Hip-Hop Royalty never dies (rest in peace JMJ).

Rudzani Netshiheni

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