A G.O.O.D Friday: Air Yeezy 2 SA Launch

Sometime this year I was invited to tour with Nike SA to witness the journey of what was being described as the launch of the most anticipated sneaker in history. With only my personal adoration for basketball sneakers and the obvious correlation between kicks and Hip-hop (engaged on a hardwood basketball court in the seventies, espoused with this culture since Run D.M.C  cemented it on wax), I couldn’t help but think that calling the launch of a pair of shoes “historic ” may have been a mild oversell. Hundreds of interviews later, two consecutively missed flights, a Twitter stampede, $90 000 Air Yeezy eBay auction and the most passionate, dedicated group of headz I have ever met, I could not have picked a better word describe what this event meant- Kanye West and kicks! If you didn’t get to kick it with Shelflife for the viewing of this now sold out pair of kicks, here’s your opportunity to check out a glimpse of what went down! Make sure to cop the Aug/Sep issue for the full scoop! – Freditor (@Fred_Mercury1) (@HypemagazineSA)

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