The Muffinz

So have you heard? The Muffinz finally rule the world! South African’s all around finally have music that will blow their minds. The Muffinz bring a different blend of electric soul to your ears. But is the music industry ready for their take over?

When introduced to a new artist, it’s no likely that they will either be a rapper or an upcoming DJ. And this is what sets the Muffinz apart from the get go. The Muffinz are reintroducing the use of real instruments and creating powerful and beautiful music.

The Muffinz are a group of five highly talented individuals, who each bring their unique talents, which in turn creates a new blend of music. The five individuals who make up the group comprises of, Atomza an electric guitarist and a very talented vocalist, Keke the drummer, who adds his own style to drumming with a rumba feel to his beats, Mthae the acoustic guitarist who woes the crowd with his R&B style, Skabz the bassist, who blends jazz and Simz the singer as well as the electric guitarist. These five have really taken on a new style of music, and anyone who is willing to listen will relate and enjoy the Muffinz instantaneously.

The Muffinz saw the launch of their first album on the 30 May 2012 at Katzy’s, Rosebank, and they proved why they have the rights to claim they taking over the world, they brought clean smooth vocals and kept fans enjoying their music for two hours. They are real performers, who have a love for what they are doing and they taking over one song at a time.

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