Manager of The Repertoires, Reality TV Star & LATINOVA’S Main Guy!

Full name & age?

Michael Makwala, 24 years old

Title(s): What you do exactly?

I’m part Owner and Senior Manager of The Repertoires. Co-founder, Producer and a Main Cast Reality Star on Running with the Reps TV show. I also Manage Club Latinova in Rosebank.

When did you get into the dance industry?

I used to dance back in the day, then I stopped and decided to be more on the business side of things. I’ve been in the dance industry since before there was a dance industry. I mean as the pioneers in the game, I feel like we kinda created the Hip-Hop dance industry and commercialised it to the point at which it’s at now. No disrespect to the guys that were there before us, but they never made themselves relevant enough to be recognised.

 What’s your role in The Reps?

I handle all the business stuff in the Reps. I manage the crew and sort out all the bookings, as well as monitor the other managers….Also, I hire and fire people. Lol

Will we see another Season of Running with the Reps?

Yes there will be more and more and MORE seasons of RWTR, as long as they keep cutting the CHEQUE!

Your favourite music genre?

Hip-Hop and R&B. You may not know this but deep down inside I’m a smooth brother. I gotta have my R&B close by.

Who’s your favourite Hip-Hop artist?

Jay-Z! He’s such an intelligent rapper. He makes one view a situation through a different light and his music is timeless.

Describe your first memory of Hip-Hop

I was 7 years old, my older brother had stolen my Dad’s car and he was jamming Fugees as we drove to my Mom’s house. Ridin’ dirty to Fugees lol…Ya ne!

List your top 5 favourite Hip-Hop songs of all time

Wow okay…

  1. Jay-Z ft. Biggie & Faith Evans -A Dream.
  2. Ja Rule ft. Tupac -So Much Pain.
  3. Kanye West ft. Jay-Z -Never Let Me Down.
  4. Joe Budden -Take A Walk With Me.
  5. Lil’ Wayne -I’m Me

Describe your dress sense

I’m pretty simple; I never hook up those crazy colours or nothing. I’m usually in black, but I do wear whatever is in fashion, just more in black or blue and sometimes red. I throw in some Michael to whatever is in.

Where in Joburg do you like partying?

I like partying at the club I work at, LATINOVA!  That’s one of the reasons I took the job, to create my own party every Friday…Lol

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