Red Bull Beat Battle Brings You 8 of SA’s Best Dance Crews

Red Bull Beat Battle puts dance crews from various backgrounds and genres against each other in a one of a kind battle. Off the back of an incredibly successful competition in 2011, Red Bull Beat Battle is back in 2012.

The eight crews are given the opportunity to work with some of the best choreographers and producers in the business in the lead up to the final on 26 May 2012 at Bassline in Johannesburg’s Newtown District.

In the final they’ll be judged on their style, creativity and overall crowd reaction. The crew with the best score will be crowned the 2012 Red Bull Beat Battle champions.
As champions they’ll have the opportunity to travel the country, perform at various events, host workshops and get the chance to defend their title in 2013.
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2011 Red Bull Beat Battle winners Artistic Intelligence are no strangers to triumphing themselves in accolades over the past years. From Masters of Rhythm to representing South Africa at the IDO World Hip Hop Dance Championship, this dynamic nine member dance crew can only build a stronger foundation through Hip Hop, and surrounding styles, Popping, B-boying, Locking, Dancehall and even Salsa. With practicing as their main priority, AI is the team to beat!

This year, the following crews will try to be crowned king:

As Orange Farm locals, Hlaks crew thrives for the fusion of respective cultures to represent through their specialty dance form, Pantsula. What is now considered as ‘old school’, Hlaks have been reinventing since they started dancing together in 1998. 2011 saw Beyoncé’s ‘Run the World’ video introduce the global community to Pantsula and Hlaks are here to show the world how it’s really done.

Phly Nation
Gauteng-based, Hip Hop crew Phly Nation is a posse of nine females who live and breathe dance. Being the only all-female group to reach the finals of Red Bull Beat Battle in 2012, it can only mean that each member has brought every ounce of talent and personality to their crew. Some of them are studio-trained ballerinas, while others add their twist of Krump, Street and Contemporary dancing to the group. Phly Nation is the epitome of Girl Power.

At first glance, Vintage is outrageously colourful. Their loud colour combinations are a mirrored reflection of their diverse and unique dance styles. Vintage proves to other dancers that participants can be both glamorous and powerful in their approach at the same time. Inspired by Whaacking and Vogue battles, there is zero-risk of them getting lost amidst all the red lips, peroxide hair, silk and tutus. All of that just adds to the wild creativity of their dance circus.

Real Actions – Juniors
Orange Farm, the home of Real Actions Juniors, has once again proven to be the central haven for the Mzansi Pantsula culture. This youthful arm of 2011’s Red Bull Beat Battle Pantsula participants, Real Actions, have been dancing together since 2010. Their love and commitment to the dance form is what has urged these five youngsters to train as hard as their seniors, aiming for nothing less than a win in this year’s Red Bull Beat Battle.

Ninja Turtles
Ninja Turtles are a power crew – with over 25 years of combined experience. This Cape Town crew formed while focused on producing ‘Hip Hop with an edge’. By fusing together elements of B-boying and traditional South African dance styles, this group is sure that they are a strong competitor for this year’s Red Bull Beat Battle.

Soulistic Fusion
Sbhujwa is the recent entertaining and challenging dance style taking over the streets of Gauteng, and there is only one dance crew in the competition this year who can successfully say that they have perfected the style – Soulistic Fusion. These three friends, through kwassa kwassa, polished choreography and other dance elements have made their mark on this fast growing dance movement. Soulistic Fusion is confident that their art form is the winning one.

The Reptilez
Hip Hop crew, The Reptilez, have made Soweto proud by professionally succeeding in their craft for seven years. Their Hip Hop style is an amalgamation of power moves, popping and perfectly synchronised transitions. The Reptilez are well on their way to successfully marking their achievements, with the winning of competitions like ‘Strictly Hip Hop’ in 2009 and 2010. Now, they have their eyes on the 2012 Red Bull Beat Battle trophy.

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