Hip Hop Marketing Part 1

This is a training manual for hip hop entrepreneurs and business-minded headz and artists within the spectrum of SA hip hop. It’s a book which is aimed to assist summit organizers, workshop facilitators, independent record label owners and all hip hop related businesses.

The book by Queueone Dambuza is a follow-up book from his debut 100 REASONS WHY SOUTH AFRICAN HIP HOP IS IN DANGER OF BECOMING EXTINCT which is still available in selected bookshops.

Dambuza is a freelance writer, author, radio presenter, blogger, internet marketer, documentarist, beatmaker , hip-hop activist and a learning DJ from the Eastern Cape.

This book will be available at selected libraries, universities and stores nationwide. For more information email djqone@activist.com or visit the facebook page: www.facebook.com/djqone

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