Sprite Unleashes Nationwide Hip-Hop Talent Search

Sprite Uncontainable is a dynamic Sprite hip-hop talent search programme which launches on 18 April 2012. Well-known New York based rapper and legendary hip-hop producer Talib Kweli, together with a panel of judges, will scout for South Africa’s most outspoken and uncontainable talent in dance, emceeing and graffiti.

The best and most uncontainable talent from the three categories of dance, emceeing and graffiti will visit the Big Apple with Talib, where they will rock the States while experiencing the ultimate New York Hip-Hop culture. Talib Kweli is best known for his projects Black Star with rapping partner Mos Def and Reflection Eternal with DJ partner Hi-Tek. This once in a lifetime experience will incorporate a one-on-one mentorship session with Talib, as well as a music video collaboration at the end of the year.

“Globally, Sprite has played a significant role in the hip-hop space. This year, South African hip-hop communities will be given the opportunity to experience a dynamic and exciting programme by showcasing their talent and standing a chance to win an exclusive hip-hop experience with Talib Kweli,” says Hlukani Rikhotso, Sprite Brand Manager.

The hip-hop community will have an opportunity to boldly step-up to the hip-hop plate and unleash their talent through the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop talent search. The participants will be judged by a panel consisting of industry executives in the hip-hop industry: Mernoly Simba from Masters of Rhythm, Falko the renowned graffiti artist and Reason, the award-winning rapper. The public will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Sprite Uncontainable winners.

The Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop talent search will unfold in three phases: The national Sprite Mobile Studio experience (23 April – 23 June), Rooftop Experience (14 July – 28 July) – in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg and Main Event in Johannesburg (01 September).

The Sprite Mobile Studio will travel the country’s main cities, stopping at Mzansi’s hot spots, searching for the best in hip-hop talent. Consumers who think they have what it takes need to make sure that they don’t miss the Sprite Mobile Studio in their local area. Participants who are keen can visit Sprite website at www.spritehiphop.co.za for the full Sprite Mobile Studio route schedule.

The top 18 participants, (which is made up of the top six participants in each category of the three genres chosen from the nationwide Sprite Mobile Studio Experience), will battle it out at the rooftop performances which will take place in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The Rooftop Experiences forms part of the second phase of the programme where the public will vote for their favourite talent per category. The judges will narrow down the top 18 talents to six finalists, two finalists per category, who will battle it out at the last phase of the programme, which will take place in Johannesburg.

The last phase of the programme is the Main Event, where the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop search programme will wrap up. The Main Event will take place in Johannesburg where the final Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop dancer, emcee and graffiti artist will perform live on stage with Talib Kweli.

“Through the Sprite Uncontainable Hip-Hop search, our ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression with the public and essentially take hip-hop to another level. For a brand that is globally recognised as being a part of the hip-hop industry, this is an opportunity for Sprite to grow and unveil the South African hip-hop talent.” concludes Rikhotso, Sprite Brand Manager.

For more information on the Sprite Uncontainable programme visit www.spritehiphop.co.za

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