Diggy Simmons Takes A Shot at J Cole?

I’m sure yall heard J. Cole’s ‘Grew Up Fast’ by now. Cole released it as a freestyle joint last month via his Twitter page, much to our delight seeing that the Carolina MC has been rather quiet since the release of his debut album “Cole World: Sideline Story’’ in late September last year. In the much downloaded freestyle, Cole playfully raps: “You niggas is not Russell, you’re more Diggy/ Me I’m more Biggie/ No diss to the young boy, I’m just rapping, get bored quickly/ Just to make up for that line invite him on tour with me”. We thought it was pretty dope. But is seems the 17 year-old MC does not share this sentiment; in fact, Rev Run’s son seems to be quite touched by it. Last night the young Mr Simmons leaked a song titled “What You Say To Me” on which he goes ape-wall on Cole, rapping: “The other day I was listening to purple rain, couldn’t believe all of the things I heard him say/ ‘Who dat? Who dat?’ You know who it is, heard you lying about my sis(ter), claiming that you hit it/ When you album drop I’ma hit you with your brick”. Diggy goes on to rap “ Stand up, matter of fact sit down/ Don’t try to call Hovie Hove for a sit down/ College boy acting like a criminal, knowing that you’re a broke-back Jake Gyllenhaal” Quite heavy right? Well guess what? It the shots get worse but you’ll have to listen for yourself.

Is Diggy perhaps taking this a bit too personally? Is it a gimmick to gain some hype to make up for his less than average first week album sales (only a measly 21 000)? Or is the young homie experiencing delusions of grandeur thinking he can go up against a lyrical assassin like Cole? Whatever it is, he’s now stepped into the big boys’ ring so let’s hope he can take the punches and go the full 12 rounds. (Although we think Daddy will probably step in and make everything okay with a fruit basket and complementary Adidas sneakers as an apology to Cole). Let’s see how this plays out.

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