RU: Namibia’s first leading lady of rap


Featured in this issue’s Soul Sista column in HYPE Magazine, RU has been a formidable force in her own right, taking on the big guns and going hard with her craft. Here’s a snippet from the interview that you didn’t get to see in the magazine.

In 2010 you released “Million Dolla Chick” which won best single in the NAMA (Namibian Annual Music Awards) ’11. What did this feel like?

I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Having been nominated was already a big deal for me, because ‘Million Dolla Chick’ was out for not longer than a year and it was already getting recognized. The category was a really tough one because it had all sorts of genres in it, from afro pop, r&b to hip hop with artist such as Dixon, Deejay, Fresh Family, Sally and Saints. I must say that all these artists are good and the award that I got is for all of us. We can all make it to the top so let’s keep pushing till we all get there.

You’re also a civil engineer student. How did this happen?

I might be very artsy but I have an affinity for mathematics and science, this was the only field that I could see myself in. My parents wanted me to go into an arts field but that was not what I wanted to do at all. Mathematics is practical life to me. So eventually when I’m done studying I’ll help in improving our infrastructure.

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