Nelz continues to give us beautiful music.

If you are a music enthusiast and have been keeping up with South African hip-hop, then you must be aware of Nelz’s consistent contribution to the genre. She is still in the game, delivering her best work. Her latest track, “Ighost”, is a must-listen as she confronts anyone who has issues with her. If you decide to cross her or her team, you can expect repercussions. Her lyrics are on point, and she has never failed to ace any beat. […]

5 Questions: Get to know Johnny Matt

To see who’s the hottest in the streets sometimes one should be more outside to see who’s moving the crowd. So, I managed to see Johnny performs live and that’s how this interview happened. Check it out. To the Hype Magazine audience, who’s Johnny Matt? I’m not just your typical independent hip-hop/rap artist—I’m a storyteller weaving my narrative through microphones. My love affair with music began at the ripe age of 16, sparking a passion that led me to dive […]

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