Toya Delazy Set On Taking Back Her Queen Title

In July Toya Delazy dropped off some visuals for her ‘Diamond In The Rough’single that she expressed is about us young people living in the city. The song itself definitely could be describe as being deep with its meaning because if the gentle instrumental wont get you, then the lyrics will. The visuals are as emotive as the song too, as we find Toya in a bar smoking a stogie while she also interprets her words through dance.

“We’re talented and we bond with each other. Our soul dream is to make it, but somehow society doesn’t make it easy for us to be ourselves and still succeed. Therefore we are diamonds in the rough. It’s to encourage us not to let go, and to never give up” – Toya Delazy

‘Diamonds In The Rough’was accompanied by another called ‘No Follow’ and also brings forth deep messaging with its sonics. “No Follow is about following your intuition and allowing the desires of your soul to have chief control over the course of your life. When you move with your soul, you embrace your destiny. I took a leap of faith and left my home in Cape Town in June 2015. I left my family, friends and fans to begin all over again in London. My soul wanted this and if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t be as fulfilled as I am today,” Toya Delazy said about ‘No Follow’.  Both songs both carry powerful Toya signatures that combine Jazz, Electro and Hip Hop sounds to create one emotive cocktail that is meant to vividly manifest her narrations.

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