The Brand New NewBalance 530 | Street Style Meets The Best In Performance Functionality

This creative platform ideally pays tribute to New Balance’s unique model numbers and fuses the digital and physical worlds by creating a fully integrated creative platform that goes from online engagement to in-store activation with a lifestyle expression of New Balance’s ‘Always in Beta’ ethos, which reflects the aspiring creative community that NB Lifestyle appeals to: a group of people who are constantly improving, creating and thinking about the next thing.

2016 is a big year for New Balance. They’ve been crafting footwear for 110 years. The iconic ‘N’ logo first appeared on the scene 40 years ago. They’re classic models – 580, 999 and 995 – will celebrate their 20th and 30th anniversary respectively. The #NBNumbers campaign pays tribute to they’re unique model numbers. It’s what sets them apart from the rest.

KausKulture shows how to dress from the feet up with the all-new, all-out fresh 530.

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