Who Is Kaybeefxsa?

Karabo Walter Motloung, known as “Kaybeefxsa” is an Amapiano Producer all the way from Evaton West. Born 12 December 2003 in a Township called Sebokeng in Vaal. Went to Chief Bambatha Primary School then Poelano Second School. Being one of the best producers in South Africa became one of my dreams as time goes by inspired by Vigro Deep,Kelvin Momo,DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

In the year 2019 that’s the year I started with my music career, learning on how to use “FL studio” producing amapiano hits. I never gave up on my dream no matter what was happening even now even though I faced few difficulties and I am still facing some. 2020 the production of music and learning continued.

Then I made my first release of a track called “UTHANDO”. Now I am currently working on an EP album called “Hosi ya Log” featuring various artists. The releasing date of the EP is not yet confirmed and also the tracks are not yet complete. The release will be made this year though. I’ll be sharing information on my social platform such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @Kaybeefxsa

I am still currently working on his own, I am under no record lable at the moment and hoping I will find one that will sign me. Then grow my music career more further. Chasing the dream of becoming one of the best producers in South Africa. Links to stream my music:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0rHbZcLD3WbkXWSnMDV4Om?si=Iltrf0SURbWMF8C4myO52g&utm_source=copy-link

YouTube: https://youtu.be/UZbxF-LPhqU

Picture of Kaybeefxsa

Source: https://facebook.com/kaybeefxsa12