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Back again with another post / content Pt.2/3 of Phases EP Talk.

Today we are issuing THE MAKING OF PHASES EP By @kvlsuave , through a Break Down.

Phases EP is a double drop project by Kvl Suave which dropped on the 6thJune2020 , Kvl Suave Started putting together this project on the 6th April 2020

The song “HeartBreakHotel” was long ago written in 2018 , after he broke up with the girl ,he was dating.

The title of the song wasn’t HeartBreakHotel at the start, He got this HeartBreakHotel title from as song by “PatricKxxLee”. “Because I don’t like plain and simple concepts I saw HeartBreakHotel as a perfect and unique concept to give to my song ,as I saw it flocking around from PatricKxxLee ,though he isn’t the first person to use it” says Suave.

The first song He worked on was “Love Hotel” He made the beat ,then the following day He wrote and recorded it the same day ,then He sent the project for Engineering. He kept Love Hotel For about 3weeks, and started editing “HeartBreakHotel” lyrics (The Plan Wasn’t to drop an EP by that time).

After the 3weeks period ,He worked on HeartBreakHotel beat , which the melody of it was sampled from Travis Scott’s “SDP Interlude Feat.Cassie”

He went for recording the HeartBreakHotel song , it got mastered and mixed for the 1st time He wasn’t happy with the final Engineering ,He sent it to Macy X For Reengineering ,all went well then it was TWO TRACKS DONE.

Phases EP had 6songs
Some songs didn’t make it to the final selection ,the team decided to keep them for another typical Content related project ,then it got degraded to a Double Drop Project.

The Track List was

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Phase EP Talk

Phases EP Talk w/ Kvl Suave Pt.2/3

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