The Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks weren’t the only ones squaring off on Thursday night.Patrickxxlee and rockstar producer,Wxnderland.fucc infiltrated Insragram stories with a heated exchange of words over a girl we thought belonged to patrick and patrick alone.

Instagram has become a playground for celebrities to confront one another. The latest men to “go at it” on the social network was Patrickxxlee and Digital Dash’s Wxnderland.fucc.

The spark plug to all of this started with a post by a random girl on instagram,uploading to her story the screenshot of a chat between Patrickxxlee's girlfriend,Tyla and a guy everyone assumed to be Wxnderland.fucc due to the fact that he was tagged on the story with the caption "we all know who this is".The rockstar claims to have maintained his silence following a number of "weak ass threats"by Patrickxxlee's "goons"tp which he quoted,"I'm a real ni**a,where I'm from we don't do that internet back and forth sh*t,and if I see that ni**a anywhere,he gon catch my fade no cap.