There is music in the air this March. Artist Luna Raé is on a dropping spree and that is just the beginning. Each song released this March is a count down to Luna’s birthday. To put the cherry on the cake, she just announced on her Instagram stories that she will be releasing her first EP on her birthdays titled “Riccochet” showing only a very mystical looking Album Art and nothing else.
You may be wondering, who Luna Raé is?! Let’s take a step back into 2019, Luna’s debut single “You Make My Heart Go”, just Luna and an acoustic guitar, was a chest-warming love story that took us all on a nostalgic journey. Since then she has dropped single after single ending 2019 with a BANG with her original Christmas song titled “Light Up My World”. There was a little break in early 2020 but it wasn’t long ‘til Luna hit us with the fire with her first single in 2020 “Trophy Wife”, a fierce trappy vibe that got all the girls (and some of the guys) feeling strong and independent reminding us that we “ain’t no Trophy Wife” to nobody!
Since Trophy Wife dropped Luna has been dropping banger after banger. Let’s take you through what’s happened up to today:
March 2020, Trophy Wife
March 2020, Give ‘Em Hell Sis’
March 2020, The Chase
No one knows what the vibe will be on the Riccochet EP but what we do know is there are three tracks on it and if its anything like the songs leading up to it, with the vibes of the Album Art, I think we are in for a treat.