Lucy Bonolo Khosa is a 19 year old from Gathoka village. She completed her Grade 12 last year in 2020. She is a music video vixen/ Promoter / Brand Ambassador & Event. She plans to work with big companies and inspire the youth after her with the success she would have made. It is never for Black women to show off their body in many instance but she feels the need for women to proud of who they are and what they do.In 2008, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, inspired young, dark-skinned girls to dream beyond their immediate perimeters. In a documentary about colourism simply titled “Dark Girls”, a young girl even says; “There is a black woman who is dark-skinned in the White House. She is not cleaning, not cooking – she is the First Lady.”
With dark skin and a fade as her signature, Lucy Bonolo, mirrors this effect for a generation of young black women and girls, who now see themselves reflected in her.
And she’s fully aware of the weight of the career she chose, as she says “my win won’t be just for me but for other people and next generation too”.

But beyond the beauty, there are layers that add to what makes Lucy Bonolo’s character and tenacity so admirable to many. What stands out the most, though, is perhaps her fearlessness (a trait generally associated with Pedi women, but there are no stats to prove this just yet), and her freedom of being just her.


Source: Email.