Bjorn Martin is the brilliant mind behind the funky downtempo music which people have grown to love and accept in the music industry globally.

He received the respect and praises from Paris, France when he pre-released his single “Finger Prints” from his extended play (EP) LEMONADE making them want the song badly after teasing the world with a release on Jango Online Radio.

Born and Bred in Cape Town, South Africa on the 12 April 1999 he was exposed to many different genres of music but was heavily influenced by his father who was a pianist/composer playing the best of jazz music and RnB downtempo.

Martin is a versatile music producer known for making music which feels good to him instead of boxing himself in a certain genre.

He was nominated for “Producer of the Year” music award at the 021 music awards 2021 for his hard work he put in the for the last 12 months in 2020.

Martin announces new music releasing in the month of April.

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Bjorn Martin