He is the creator behind the catchy downtempo music coming from Cape Town, South Africa and was nominated for “Producer Of The Year” music award because of his song “Lemonade” extracted from his Extended Play (EP) titled “Lemonade The EP”.

Martin was (Born 12 April 1999) and is also known as B Major SA in the music industry, Experimenting in many different genre he doesn’t limit himself to one sound and style of music. “Being from a jazz music background takes me out the box & i have aquired the ability to create my own sound and style with it” says Martin while running his fingers across the piano.

The lemonade song by B Major is owned and copyrighted by Soulistic Recordings CPT but was published and distributed by Lemon Music ZA (2020).

Martin says it took him about 2 years working on the “Lemonade EP” to get to the sound he felt comfortable with giving his fans.

“Im a perfectionist when it comes to my work and would never let anything be seen or heard by anyone if I don’t feel comfortable releasing it, that forces me to level up and make better music that im comfortable giving to the public”.

Coming from a township where opportunities are little Martin worked hard to reach the level he is at now but says he has a long way to go to be where God wants him to be spiritually and financially.

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