After a 6 months absence from the entertainment industry, Baby Makwela is not only back on the airwaves – he bagged an interview with the elusive HypeMagazine. He said making his way back to radio was the opportunity of a lifetime, which fell into his lap.
“The same person who inspired me at Thobela Fm in 2018, Kwenisto, told me to follow this dream of being on air. He also recommended that i apply for the job at a certain radio station but im taking it one day a time. He is my brother and he sees my vision – I’m not an orthodox radio presenter. I’m loud and controversial and I want to bring out real change, be involved at the beginning of the chain, strategising and so forth,” he said.
His show, Friday Edition, is aired from 8pm to 9pm online.
“That’s the kind of people I want to have on the show. People who create a debate. We always read only the bad things, but there’s a side I know about Kwenisto Makgaga that I wanted the public to hear. He is the kind of role model that our youth so desperately need to aspire to,” Baby Makwela.

The DJ whose real name is Obrian Makwela, says unlike famous people who don’t know when to quit after their flame has burnt out, he didn’t force matters.
“Not that I was irrelevant. I quit the industry completely to focus on my business ventures. Now they are sustainable and can run by themselves,” he said speaking of his milkshake company and other media ventures.
There are many other opportunities that he will pursue in the 015 City.

Baby Makwela

Source: Twitter