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TOE2TOE is a single by producer/artist ParadoxBeats that features GodlesTheStyle. This song highlights independence in the music industry and motivates indie artist to believe in their work. This is a hustlers anthem. Both artist are based in Pretoria West.
companie(s) – RevokeMusic(ParadoxBeats), Paper Run Records(GodlesThesyle)
Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/paradoxbeats_godswill/?hl=en


Artwork by; Garii graphics – https://www.instagram.com/mugarii/?hl=en

Toe2Toe - ft GodlesTheStyle(ParadoxBeats)

Toe2Toe - ft GodlesTheStyle(ParadoxBeats)

Source: RevokeMusic, PaperRunRecords

Toe2Toe Artwork


Source: Garri graphics