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The boy Taiter hasen’t lost momentum from the #TrillestFridays releases as today (18 August) he brings us his 4th single from the #

Missed Calls is a different approach from the boy as it is a narrative of a romantic tradegy from Taiters life experience. Compared to the previous releases from the # Missed Calls expressive and explores Taiters diversity as his flows from the first verse to the third are interchangeable.

It is important to mention that the Narrative goes in this chronological manner: Verse 1: The Mrs, Verse 2: The Mistress, Verse 3: The Lonely.

Keep up with the boy on twitter @TaiterTrillest and share your thoughts on the #, and his music as well.

Stream “Missed Calls” below: https://soundcloud.com/taitertrillest/missed-calls-prod-by-no-luck

missed calls