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*New Mixtape*

Sbuzzy’s long-anticipated 4th Mixtape have arrived titled “Hand Shake To The Brain”
In keeping with the “indie” spirit, Sbuzzy yet Drops another solo Project with 13 Tracks Titled

Spark A Brain (Intro)
Now They Know
Six & a Four
Hand Shake To The Brain (Experiment 1)
Out Of Control
East Lemapi (Interlude)
Found My Way
Murder (RapScat)
Never Heard The Truth
There You Go
Rap General
Stick To The Script (Outro)
Cypher 2.0 ft Ratt-X & CyDuck [Bonus Track]

Sbuzzy 2keyz – Hand Shake To The Brain [Mixtape]

Sbuzzy - Rap General

Sbuzzy - Now They Know

Sbuzzy - Out Of Control