This is the first single from the O.G Phizow tape, a street project put together by Cape Town based culture activist Phila Goduka aka O.g Phizow where he finds different underground sounds in Southern African hip hip. it’s called Gorilla/Mztakes the track is produced and written by Mozambique based rapper Kevin Simelane better known as K.Dirty. K.Dirty flawless flow and delivery compliments the banging beat, this provides a provocative feel to the song and makes you feel the need to bob your head along to his flow.

K.Dirty has been making waves and has attracted the attention of the likes seasoned S.A hip hop vets Such as Da les because of his sound and ruthless flow.

The cover art is done by Walu Kaira a Cape Town based graphic designer and the Creative direction is inspired by the H&M racism sage where they subliminally called black people Monkeys, as per the old english saying goes if the shoe fit why not wear it in the case the hoody fitted the Gorilla theme/track title.

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K.Dirty - Gorilla/ Mztakes