This is the last single of the rapper , songwriter and producer McDie The Conspirator in 2018. The tittle of the song is called “NO FREE SHXT” probably painting an overall picture of the W’s and L’s he picked up during the course of the year.

The track was officially released on the last Friday(28-12-2018) of the year to conclude the last #ScruffyFridays which started back in August where he was dropping new songs every Fridays as a countdown to his debut album which is set to be released sometime early 2019, actual release dates will be announced on all of his social media platforms with the handle @mcdietheconspirator except twitter which is @Official_McDie .

Twitter : @Official_McDie NO FREE SHXT


Intro This that real craft from the Dojo This that real This that real craft from the Dojo This that real I'm coming I'm realin I'm coming Verse 1 Salam alaikum I don't fuck with pigs Run it Я не хочу ты просто хой never thought it She know I hit it right Bust that nut dovi Back at my homa crib I hope she don't find it Dub step classic Running around my garments Who woke up the beast Now I got a rumbling stomach Go back to cheese I'm stake it up like I'm buffet Go back to that weak shit That got dancing like puppet (Hook) You's a bish No plans No class No x2 You's a bish Go away Go play Go x2 No free shit No free shit No free shit No free shit Verse 2 Can't tell me that how many rappers ? Be killing the game with no funding From parents and mobiles companies They act like they make it but it's really the silver talking Most of these rappers are spoon fed Cheese beans I don't really care They out here rapping in mandarin We don't hear that shit around here Tell em the fuck are you moving All my moves are movies I don't cuff nigga they chose me My shit they don't play on the radi.. ey ey (Hook)