This EP is meant to lite up the moods and the core one is on the way. It was running away from the love songs I’ve been doing and goes on to say lets not be deep this time. It only features one artist in Denial which is Trinity who produced it beat co-produced the track with me Skeletal. The whole project is my production and its one of those projects that say more can come but for now let us test the waters. Skeletal aka FODAH KING!


This short intro just tells how lite and celebrating my life is. It aint about popin the bottles but appreciate life the way it is.


Brought nomination of the best newcomer of the year. the song talks about how Gitas should treat their women.


I like your dose baby// you make me slower// you get the idea!


all ma nikkers will be getting cheques. The song is about no giving up of what you want, fight for what you desire and love your best life.

5.Denial ft Trinity

if you love me love, but if you don't then don't...I don't want to live in denial and am sure you also don't want that.

6. I say(Skit)

Playing around on some quitar ish

1. Am way up

This is for my mama!

Lite EP