This Song is the sound of a rapper who bounces back from being criticized and discouraged from chasing his dream of being a legend and affecting those around him. You almost feel his anger in the way we spits, Oozing with confidence, inspired by other legends that contribute to his desire to be legendary. This song is a rude awakening that makes the listener feel deserving of Legendary status aswell. It has an aggressive Instrumental cheering him on with an 808 bassline doing gymnastics just to carry the energy that 3rdletta is filled with. Legendary

Legend by 3rdletta

Bridge Man man, i think ima make me some money today Bem Bem, take that money and build me a legacy Ten Ten, are the only mamies that be rollin' with me so you best believe when i say... Hook Bitch I'm a Legend Im in the room like the Elephant Black n White like a Zebra The blind eye still see us You know i'm a Legend To all these soldiers i'm a veteran Rockstar, heavy Metaling Fuck Naah, i ain't settling bitch im going for Legend Verse 1 Legends don't die, they just levitate I can not afford to be a minute late Never stuck in traffic, I don't ever wait I was doing good, now i'm doing great To sum up my thoughts, heres what ima say Get this paper man, don't hesitate And Fuck the rules, get it your way Everytime that you move, it's an earthquake Let em know that its you, make it no mistake Man i talk to myself, you gon think it's cray In my world, shit is necessary You gotta talk louder than all these opinions that they wanna share They call it advice, they talk like they care But you never did it, you niggas was scared (sigh)(Backings:True) So you can't tell me shit if you living in fear (Backings: No) With all due respect, get the fuck out my ear man Coz I gotta go [Bridge] [Hook] Verse 2 Aaauuuw, ah ah ah Ah ah You know i'm a legend Shie, ah ah Ah ah, wooh I just redesigned my destiny That's how you feel when you on ecstacy That's how you feel when you the recipe Lemme know how you feel when you're legendary Competition can't measure me That's how I feel steppin' in the room with a bad bitch riding next to me Man, they don't understand me, they think they do They think i want grammies and bitches who, leave you for the next rapper that hits the stu Man, i'm only trynna build an institute I'm teaching Africans to take control They'll never do it if they never know If you're offended by this, take it personal Samora Machel taught me all i know Steve Biko told me never fold O.R Tambo taught me how to fly Gadaffi told me i could change the world, don't compare your greatness to these other guys Now these rappers can't tell when the camera's off? Real or not, nah you stupid dawg I can't believe they calling you the boss These rappers miss me, they ain't even close Push me to the floor, like the Parlotones I get right back up, I know how it goes I'm the General, I'm the Holy Ghost, all i give is hope I'm the remedy, i'm the antidote I dont ever lose, heir to the throne Knock em off their feet, but keep em on thier toes I rap clean, but i serve it dirty Was ahead of my time back in 2030 ...

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