The renowned multi talented Recording Artist and Record Producer K-Kida releases his highly anticipated single titled Side Ways.

After releasing his debut EP last year the Nelspruit super star gave out Snippets of Side Ways on social media which got the masses waiting on it on high expectations. Side Ways‘s inspiration originates from experiences from the music industry as a whole. But K-Kida Hidded the story behind the song from the public as most people think that the song is about feels to a lady while it’s not.

“Looking Side Ways, N***s try to get you, There’s a lot on your plate but I see a lotta more”.
This lines actually states that a lot of rappers are trying to get into the music industry, there’s a lot of rappers already and there’s still a lot coming.

“I gut big dream one of them be being with you, I gut big dreams but they nothing without you”
Words to the industry its self. Dreams to be on it, If there was no industry then this dreams would be nothing.

The song Side Ways was written, produced, mixed and mastered by K-Kida him self which is not anything new since that’s what he did on his debut 7 Track Ep titled I.N.T.R.O(Innovative New Talent Reaching Out).

Side way is currently taking over the airwaves by storm.

K-Kida - Side Ways

Source: HypeMagazine

Side Ways Cover Art

Source: HypeMagazine