The song is about an Uncle who’s supposed
To pay a Lobola For his Niece
But the Uncle Didn’t do that. The Uncle Didn’t pay the Lobola because he didn’t want his Niece to be Heartbroken. First of all the Uncle
Warned his Niece About Love.”Love is Fake,Love is Dangerous,People pretend to Love you”.Guess What? The Niece Didn’t listened to all of that Because he was Blind Folded by Love. So the Niece Decided
To Pay iLobola for The Diba’s Girls who’s name is NOMSA. The Niece gave his uncle Huge Money to go and pay a Lobola for NOMSA because the Niece wants to spend an eternal Life with her.
Uncle was sent by his niece to pay and Negotiate with the Diba Family and arrange
Wedding Stuffs, but the uncle didn’t do that
Instead of Negotiating iLobola, uncle bought Alcohol

To be