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Tkn Andersen ft Tellaman-Frienx Official Lyrics Tellaman Verse1: I swear my moma raised a good guy, the streets raised the opposite I might pop one drink one i don't care just the thrill of it I stay 10 toes down,i got 10 hoes noe to do whatever Swear my fears cant slow me down, down down down down Bitch im the man now My new girl a bad wow Still chasing the bag now Still with the same gang now x2 *Chorus* They friends they my friends they my bros No why you mad why you mad coz you broke They my friends yeah They my friends No why you mad why you mad coz you broke X2 Tkn Andersen Verse 2: Don't be mad because you broke Don't hate me hate the glow Since i was a younging all i wanted to was ball Guess who got old guesd who got chose yeah We still moving on Guess who got rocks and who kicking stones yeah Guess who reached the goal Vibezy your nitch tryna wife me Iccey i got 10 on my feet This that big amount This that 10 toes down You work and it all works out Im 4 floors up when it it all goes down Im hot no clout yeah Im outta, the gutter Where niggas stay capping bruh I fell off, i got up But thats another story from the bottom Im on repeat and i barely hear the call out On everything i put nothing before my son now Chorus x 2

Source: Hypemagazine