Chronic – Low Key ( feat Ma Ada SA )

Pre-hook: Ma ada Yeaah, Ma ada on the beat yow V_sec mother fucker x2 Yeah, yeah & Ima burn em down Ima burn em down & Ima burn em down &

ima ima Hook Somebody tell em I’m a low key man/ Ngicela ungishayele phansi, I ain’t talking no Pablo & Picasso/ I’m starting a rodeo in Durban July, take it easy ey/ I’m playing it subtle, somebody get me a double cup, its like I’m spinning the bottle I put it on replay/ Akuna mathada x2 Call me mufasa the king of the jungle ey azishe/ Somebody tell em I’m a low key man/x2 Verse 1 Life is a movie I cut off the fullish acts no screen play/ One day I’m gonna press the button with no keys man!/ Automatic start no monopoly relay/ Adrinaline rush I’m putting on your estate/ Call me Gxabhashe I am back Wajtie Bitje, you know I shake spears umkhontho wesizwe/ Nanoma ungangivalela ngaphandle mina ngiyongena nge chimney/ Coz I’m on the Piter pen save yellow pages/ I’m getting street credit loansharks are still at it/ I’m Bodying this game I see is a death valley/ My Saki is charging I need more pennies/ Some pussy cats are acting all Regy/ I love my lady shed’s like Helly Berry/ She’s giving me service on the a daily basis/ Just got a ticket from spending my limits/ Uyangfatela, mina ngamnika/ Unyaka some more like sista betina/ Pop bullet holes obgafuni uzogcwala/ The reason I’m calling this shit undercover,its because ngishaya nge nge side chick we kgata/ Ngizokshaya ngomzimba like show me your number/


Verse 2 They say I got a helluva flow call it vaal dam/ Thats just the way it hos that are nasty wanna go bam_bam/ I’m on the Bob Marley my Dogg I feel like a Buffalo souljah/ I make 50’s freeze jyma soja/ You will feel the breeze like Southern California/ Sphanda le dollar, no 50_50 I ain’t no Mandoza/ I like badonka donkas that are kinda chocolate call me Willie Wonka/ I woke up with Russian accent coz I took a sip of I Vodka/ Abanye bajumper ama fence, babang ba thula mabota/ I’m a low key man just like Ebola/ Bokoharam jyma soja/ Turn up awuna Dicoder/ You kinda like sound like Trevah Noah my nikka thats not ayoba/ Sebenghlahlela amehlo manje ingathi yiskhova/ These paparazzis ain’t funny, I call em Loyiso Gola/ Pre hook Hook