Tkn Andersen is back with some more heat for 2019, this time he gives us a trap full vibe with 35:00 which is just the boy having fun with it but he still delivers some good bars here and there.Make sure y’all go check it out it’s HEAT🔥🔥🔥🔥


35 Am im with the drugs,Escobar I just flipped about a hun (100) get the check and ran it up Buy the drip right on the rocks diamonds dancing with the stars yeah I just made enough to buy the mall Fuck all that hate you feel I’m rubbing the paint the tint I flow with the wave the drip This not a phase you feels So fuck out my way you bitch I never raised a kid x2 I drip a lot,super star Tripple dubs My shit over charged,rock this shit with no guitar Call your bitch the one Bad boys drip in Saint La Raunt I got hoes in park,it’s a lot it’s a lot yeah


Source: Hype magazine