It is never an easy thing to elevate yourself beyond your very own expectations, and to fully take charge of your career is a whole different story. MegMafia is one ideal example of total control, and having over 11k votes to be considered a HYPE Freshman pretty much justifies her grip on the game. Right now she’s one not to sleep on, and right now she’s one not to underestimate.

When and how did MegMafia get into hip hop culture? What led you to really take this musical journey on a serious note? Because people tend to initially get into it to be cool, as corny as that may sound, until it gets a little more serious and meaningful of course.

Music has always been the largest part of my everyday life. I was introduced to the hip hop world within my first year of high school, where I began to use words beyond the ability of an average teen. So there on out I had made it my form of expression and source of inspiration. Being able to give my view on the world and what happens in one’s everyday life through music is not a talent but a gift.


You were featured as one of the rappers on ‘Now Or Never ‘(LeFemmeRemix). What was that experience like for you and what did it mean personally for you in this industry?

Being able to partake in the LeFemmeRemix was probably one of the most incredible ventures I’ve taken on in my musical journey thus far, because I was able to merge with some of the most influential females in this industry. It was reassuring to know that I have the capabilities of becoming one of the greatest.


Why do you think Ms Cosmo chose you in the first place? What set you apart from every other rapper?

I feel as though Ms Cosmo wanted to create a sense of diversity on the song. Which she undoubtedly accomplished. My content is versatile. I am unlike any other rap artist in this industry, and this is due to me introducing elements from the early ‘90s to the 21st-century sound.


Word. I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but as a woman who is currently within hip hop (especially in SA), what do you think are the biggest stereotypes, misconceptions and challenges that women in SA hip hop face on the daily? Do you feel like you need to work twice as hard to get that recognition you clearly deserve?

Oddly enough, I don’t ever come face to face with any stereotypes. I carry myself as a rap artist and that for me is enough of a title. I am a female – yes, but the moment I step to the mic or on the stage, my gender or any other stereotypical associations disappear and I become an MC.


Respect. Now how would you describe your musical style? Every artist has their own definition of what type of artist they are. You actually mentioned (in one interview) how nobody in SA is making music that you like to listen to, so what would you say MegMafia’s sound/artistry is about?

The problem we face on a day-to-day basis is that our generation is focused and fixated on content that holds no substance, and if it does, it’s momentary. As MegMafia I am not afraid to voice my beliefs and speak about everything that other artists are afraid to. I will never conform just so my music is bought. I’ll stay true to my roots, and my roots are nothing other than real hip hop.


Being chosen as one of the artists who will be represented on the first HYPE Freshman edition, what do you think this opportunity will do and open up to you in the game? What do you intend on doing with this platform that has been given to you mainly by the people? Because at the end of the day, they voted! Do you think you have some type of responsibility to them, to deliver as hard as you can in this industry?

My doors are all unlocked, it’s just a matter of me opening them, and me being chosen as one of the few to be on such a well-known magazine is my first step in. Hopefully this will allow those who have been silenced by noise to hear me. The only responsibility I have in the game right now is to supply perspectives, messages, evoke emotion and at the end of it all – just give my people timeless music.


What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced along the way that have ‘perhaps’ made you feel like giving up at some point? How did you constantly continue pushing yourself in such an energy-draining game?

I feel like giving up every single day of my life due to challenges such as being an independent artist who must source their own financial backing to push forward, because contacts will only get you so far. The rest is on you, but my head is held high, and with a family as supportive as mine, nothing is impossible.


So where do you see yourself in the next five years? What is the next move for MegMafia?

In five years I will be a mogul in this industry, one who has accomplished more than they ever thought they could before the age of 25. My plan will stay steady. I will be dropping my album next year once my brand has been elevated to a height of my expectations.

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