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With the highly anticipated Major League Gardens Social Arts Festival taking place this Saturday. HYPE Magazine got the opportunity to have a quick chat with Major League DJ, Banele, prior to the massive event taking place. The twin brothers have without a doubt shifted culture through their impact and elevation. Being dubbed the “Ultimate Package” of young entrepreneurs and entertainers makes super sense when one reflects on their journey and during the chat HYPE briefly spoke about how far Major League has come, where they’re headed, Major League Gardens Social Arts Festival and album drops.

You guys have been doing this music/entertainment thing for such a long time now and you’ve been part of the music industry for a while that has reached a point where nobody can deny the growth or the impact that Major League continues to make. However, first of all we just have to quickly find out reflect on the journey that you guys have walked so far and are still walking on. How is Major League feeling right now?

We don’t feel like we’ve done anything yet you know? We still have a lot to do and we still have a lot of goals to reach. Yes, we have accomplished a few things but I think we still have a lot to do. We not as big as we want to be and we still have more work to put in. I mean, we haven’t even dropped an album…

Just looking at the music side of your career is crazy. The way that you guys have developed, we remember you guys coming into the music game with ‘The Bizness’ joint and then you introduced the whole New Age Kwaito (NAK) sound with of course the latest one being ‘Do Better’ which is an afro-beat sound. Why decide to migrate to that sound now?

It’s just growth, we can’t be stuck in South Africa forever. We want to grow. We want to grow internationally and into Africa. So you have to actually incorporate other African artists into what we’re doing and build a bridge so that what we’re doing.

What kind of mind-set does Major League work under today compared to 4/5 years ago?

Our mentality now is looking for the next level. What else can we do outside of Africa? Internationally? so that’s where our mindset is right now. We won’t say that we’re done in SA or anything like that you know? We’re here to grow too but it’s time to go beyond Africa and that’s where we at. We’re looking for next levels right now.

What kind of conversation do you guys have amongst each other and all your successful friends? Because clearly some empowerment is happening huh…

We’re used to inspiring one another and also advising one another when we do something in the industry. It’s just normal inspiring conversations so there’s nothing to it you know? People act as if there something to it but there’s nothing to it. Just always stay inspired and always look for what’s next and what you can do to better one another.

Of course you have the upcoming Major League Social Arts Festival coming up. Why decide on Davido as the headliner?

Basically because he’s doing very well in South Africa. He’s music has grown and also the fact that he’s an African artist you know? He hasn’t done a South African festival before, he’s only done clubs and he approached us about it and we were like cool lets rock it.

Do you guys always expect the magnitude of people the come to the festivals? You don’t get overwhelmed by it all?

No we’re just trying to grow, we trying to be an African festival across the continent. We’re trying to penetrate Africa as a whole and not just South Africa. That’s where our vision is right now. We don’t get overwhelmed because that’s the goal and I believe that there’s still so much room to grow and there’s still much work to be done.

You just shot the video for ‘Do Better’ can you share on how the visuals will interpret the song?

I’d rather let people watch the music video man you know? I think it’s better to watch the video and get your own interpretation out of it.

To end it off, you guys haven’t dropped an album yet, is still on the way? How far away if so?

We still planning on that, we just don’t want to drop it and then we don’t do anything. That’s why you have to build it up with a singles and then drop.


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