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Words By Roo (HYPE Magazine Editor)

Okay, so before the review begins I just want to say one thing. The first time I heard about PatricKxxLee was through a natural surfing of the web because believe it or not, I spend probably a quarter of my day just surfing the net hoping to discover new artists or sounds that I have not heard or seen before. And it was no different in PatricK’s case. Soon after the discovery, came the obvious awareness of his (PatricK) existence and then later I noticed the links. The links are the ones the pretty much began to tie everything full circle for me. I noticed that there was a close group of young artists, who were internet gods, that produced some crazy music and also fed off each others vibes. You probably know which links I’m talking but yes, to summarize: PatricKxxLee became fully fledged to me. PatricKxxLee has since then convinced me of his uniqueness and focus in the industry, I’m saying this because I’m actually a close observer (I kind of have to be) and I have closely observed the moves that he has made thus far. At some point I got word of his upcoming debut album, Diary Of An Arsonist and immediately began to anticipate another “hip hop breakthrough” attempt… I didn’t expect this though.

This is PatricKxxLee’s debut studio album, Diary Of An Arsonist, made out of a whole 18 tracks in total which is probably among-st the best qualitative & quantitative projects out right now. In order for me to have fully dove into the album’s experience I first of all looked at the title of the album itself. Diary Of An Arsonist. SotTo be considered arsonist, you have to be a person that deliberately and spitefully sets fire to cause damage and mixing that description to “diary”, which is of course a book that a person keeps to record daily events/experiences, made the picture clearer. Now from my understanding Diary Of An Arsonist is a recorded intimate sonic experience that was bound to burn whoever heard it (good or bad). To be honest, prior to this album I felt that Patrick offered an unbalanced version of himself but perhaps all those wobbles were meant to be, because the album’s balance of quality and star power is crazy. Songs such as ‘After Party’ or ‘Love Is Rage’ really showcase his broadness. And I really love the fact that throughout the entire album, PatricK remains committed to his signature sound which are made of some ridiculous vibes that command you to bump your head from go. The use of synthetic sounds and vulnerable lyrics help define the album’s messaging. While the production across all 18 track is as important as the lyrics voiced out. Take ‘Good Girl Gone Mad’ for example, a record that strongly makes use of all its elements to brings us some mesmerize over.

The main criticism would probably be the comparisons to the likes of Travis Scott or whoever you may think of, but that can never really stick when the entire album’s messaging completely embodies PatricK’s persona and mind-set. His entire energy isn’t lacking and also highlights a paradigm shift in culture through the album delivering a new trap/EDM flow that paints a vivid picture on a track like ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. In conclusion, for me Diary Of An Arsonist is a triumphant debut album that could revival any established album out on shelves right now. The whole album’s experience is a sweet drug that later transcends into a sonic remedy that anyone would love to indulge. 5/5 well deserved flame emojis…

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