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Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa will GO ON TO VISIT CAMEROON, Nairobi & JOHANNESBURG


ALL BROADCASTS LIVE ON http://truemusic.boilerroom.tv/

Africa, a vast and hugely diverse continent – culturally, politically and geographically – is known for its myriad musical styles. From gqom to Nairobi nu wave and eclectic afro-fusion, True Music Africa will tell the stories of the varied music scenes sweeping the continent and the key innovators in each space who share the ‘hustle mentality’ – all via compelling documentaries and live-streamed parties to bring Africa’s True Music scene to a global stage.

The Cape Town show features some of the country’s most well-respected original self-starters, including:

  • K$
  • Dope Saint Jude
  • Youngsta CPT
  • Aux Womdantso
  • DJ Lyle

And to build on the hype around the upcoming even we decided to have a quick chat with rapper & producer Dope Saint Jude to find out what she’ll be bringing during the event.

Dope Saint Jude

How did you get involved in the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Africa event? 

I met Skinny while I was in London for a music event. I attended a gig and had an impromptu performance. After that I was selected, along with some other CT artists, to perform at Boiler Room.

You’re a rapper and producer who is really causing some waves and it seems as if SA doesn’t really know that you’re about to blow up the scene. So what does being in an intimate event like this do to your career?

I treat all my performances and all my audiences, regardless of where I am, with the same respect. I believe that when you have that kind of attitude and work ethic, doors will open. So I Boiler Room will open doors for me, because of the platform they have and because of the work ethic I bring to the table.


How would you describe the term “True Music Africa”? Could you dissect it …

True Music means the real music that creates the soundscapes of an environment. Trues Music Africa is the real music that makes up the soundscape of Africa.

Have you ever seen a Boiler Room session? And if so, what was your first reaction? And if not, how do you imagine it feeling like?

I have seen a few online- my reaction has always been two things. 1. It looks like a dope place to party. 2. It looks like a dope place to perform.

You are one unpredictable artist we must say and it makes us as ourselves, how do you keep pushing yourself to greater heights?

I only look to myself as competition. I keep trying to outdo myself and I believe this will keep me fresh.

What is the one thing that fans don’t really know about Dope Saint Jude?

I am interested in many mediums of art and expression. I am interested in integrating my performance art into film, literature and what ever I can get into.

One word that best describes Dope Saint Jude?


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