In modern day hip hop culture, brands have become a means of communicating personalities, interests and affiliations. In a way the brand that you choose to dress or associate yourself with becomes an extension of who you are and what you represent and with such a huge influx of brand products/experiences being offered daily, a filtered approach of “media platform” communication is required, which is what the new HYPE Brand Box is all about… Since the HYPE Magazine online space has become a cultural hub of information, it’s development will always continue to be pushed further with the aim of creating a sufficient and direct content space for brands to constantly share their latest news, products and events through the HYPE Brand Box that continually lives on the home page of the HYPE Magazine website. To summarize, the HYPE Brand Box is a highlighted brand window that has been created for brands to share whatever content they want to share. This Box offers brands the opportunity to make use of the HYPE Magazine digital platform to communicate any content directly to our community, within their own space, with the addition of each content supplied being filtered through the HYPE Magazine editorial team which will then be shared in a HYPE voice.

Each brand that claims a spot in the box would enjoy the following benefits:

  • Space where press releases can flourish
  • Brand logo embedment on the home page that links to the Brand Box
  • Unlimited space for content updates
  • Brand communication in one space that isn’t shared with other brands
  • Exclusive HYPE Magazine editorial product reviews
  • HYPE Magazine brand affiliation

Contact Nothando Ntuli on to join the HYPE Brand Box.

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