On the 25th of October (Sunday) Flying Fish will be hosting their highly anticipated & one of a kind #FlavourOdyssey experience which is set to be an unforgettable 2018 flavoursome showcase that will be headlined by Jamaican born global artist Masego and DreamVille signee J.I.D. Now this event is set to be one for the books that will be a combination of music, food, art and fashion deliveries. Tickets for the event have already sold out and you can pretty much blame Flying Fish for that because the public are going crazy for a single chance to witness what is going to be an unforgettable moment. Believe us when we say that this Flying Fish Odyssey experience has already become one of the most hyped up summer experiences because this whole event actually mashes up with the exciting launch of the new Flying Fish sun-activated design, which is a first in South Africa. This whole campaign was designed to challenge people to get outside & experience most of the South African summer which they seem to have fully cracked!

This “go outside & experience” spirit is what the upcoming #FlavourOdyssey event represents through its “adding some flavour” approach! As mentioned, this highly sought-after event is set to feature performances by international artists Masego and J.I.D who will be performing alongside the likes of Spoek Mathambo, Manthe Ribane, Moonchild Sanelly, Black Motion and Sho Madjozi. Now to give you a teaser of what attendees can expect during the event we’ve decided to pretty breakdown the artistic stories of the headliners, the performing artists as well as the festive expectations that one can look forward to at the event.




First off all we must highlight why “trap house jazz” creator Masego (Micah Davis) is such a perfect fit for the #FlavourOdyssey experience because he has been mastering his artistry since his college days of integrating the instruments. He learned to play instruments (saxophone, drums, piano) and infuse them into hypnotic beats with the additional vocal loop plays during his childhood days. And if you don’t know, the Jamaican born artists actually is actually South African too as it was in high school when Davis adopted the name Masego after he found out that his family had roots in South Africa. He did his senior project on South African culture and came across the name “Masego” and the name felt like a proper stage name for him because his nickname back in church was actually “Blessing”. After dropping off his Pink Polo EP in 2015 and Loose Thoughts EP in 2016, his biggest success story thus far came off his debut full-length album called Lady Lady that has catapulted him to the world’s stage.

One could agree to the fact that Masego’s secret comes from his ability to express his influences and experiences within his music especially after giving an ear to his sounds. He is able to blend elements of hip hop, R&B, jazz and dance without creating a weird musical cocktail that one wouldn’t understand or feel. This highlights the variety of artistic flavours that he possesses which is really the heart of the upcoming #FlavourOdyssey. The 25-year old has over the years grown to become one of the most watched in the world right now who, in the time between the release of his 2016 Loose Thoughts and now, has since elevated his musical identity. It might even be an understatement to say that Masego’s music is magical because who can deny that at first discovery of his sounds, we probably all were in awe that such a sonic manipulative artist ever existed. When his record ‘Navajo’, first premiered on Berlin platform Colors, it quickly gained attraction and has since been streamed over 20 million times which triggering worldwide praise and appreciation.

Tickets for the event have already sold out but keep your eyes on social media to perhaps stand an opportunity to win some tickets if you’re lucky.

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