Of course you know that on the 25th of October (Sunday) Flying Fish will be hosting their highly anticipated & one of a kind #FlavourOdyssey experience which is set to be an unforgettable 2018 flavoursome showcase that will be headlined by Jamaican born global artist Masego and DreamVille signee J.I.D. Now this event is set to be one for the books that will be a combination of music, food, art and fashion deliveries. Tickets for the event have already sold out and you can pretty much blame Flying Fish for that because the public are going crazy for a single chance to witness what is going to be an unforgettable moment. This Flying Fish Odyssey experience is going to be the craziest summer experience you will ever attend this year because this whole event matches with the exciting launch of the new Flying Fish sun-activated design, which is a first in South Africa.









Spoek Mathambo

If you’ve never heard of Spoek Mathambo before then you’ve obviously been living under some rock or maybe you’ve just genuinely never heard of him before. Have no fear though because here is brief Spoek Mathambo intro for you: Spoek Mathambo is one multi-talented individual that has for a long duration of time gathered a massive fanbase locally and internationally solely because of his artistry. His music consists of electronic, multicolored and rhythmic sounds fused together in a hip hop/ psychedelic manner that much cross pollinates on a variety of energies. The producer, singer-songwriter and rapper grew up in Soweto and has collaborated with the likes of Sibot, Okmalumkoolkat, Bongeziwe Mabandla and many more.

The year 2010 was around the time his debut album Mshini Wam which included an award-winning cover of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ song. In 2012 he dropped his second album called Father Creeper which got him his second nomination for Best African Act (2012 MOBO Awards). His third album called Escape From ’85 dropped in 2013 which was followed by more projects that have all lead to his creative collective called ‘Batuk’ that was founded by him and Aero Manyelo along with vocalist Manteiga. The collective’s function is to use house music as a vehicle to connect the African diaspora based on shared and exchanged rhythm culture and language. Their first EP called Daniel dropped in 2016 and Kasi Royalty is their latest album which dropped earlier this year.

Manthe Ribane

Manthe Ribane has quickly become an artistic phenomenon within South Africa and abroad. Her magical aura has catapulted her to a level that many, even today, fail to describe and sometimes even understand. She gushes out an intangible grace that immediately grabs your attention from the moment you first lay your eyes on her. This artist, designer and musician is without a doubt one of the most exciting energies to indulge yourself in. So, if you’re about to witness her do her thing for the first time at the #FlavourOdyssey event this Sunday then let us prep you up and breakdown her story for you. Manthe is the first born of three children, she grew up in Soweto and at the tender age of 8 performed at the late Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday at FNB stadium.

The unexpected passing of her mother forced her to automatically adopt the role of mother to her younger sister Tebogo and brother Kay Kay at the age of 13. Graphic design and visual art seemed to attract her which were interest that have since helped develop and artistic language through her performances on stage. Its the hypnotism in her whole choreography and offering that has giving her massive following because of the innovative fusion of styles that she showcases with her music (a mixture of South African subcultures such as pantsula/isbujwa, contemporary dance and hip hop). Manthe Ribane was once a member of Joburg-based dance group called V.I.N.T.A.G.E crew and toured the world as member of Die Antwoord’s dance crew before she decided to focus on her solo journey. She has also worked with the likes of Mafikizolo, Toya Delezy, Spoek Mathambo and OkMalumKoolkat and during the year 2015, formed the creative collective Dear Ribane with her siblings. As Dear Ribane they run 113 Studios and offer design, fashion, styling, music and film under Manthe’s creative direction. In 2015 Manthe and London producer/DJ OkZharp dropped their critically acclaimed Dumela 113 EP which was then followed up with the Tell Your Vision EP in 2016 that gave fans hits such as ‘Teleported’.

Sho Madjozi

Its highly impossible that you’ve never heard of the name “Sho Madjozi” before because she’s currently at the top of the music industry right now. If you haven’t though, thank goodness for HYPE! Rapper & poet Sho Madjozi shot up to superstar status because of artistic delivery in using her native tongue Tsonga to create her music. Although she was first musically discovered through her collaboration with OkMalumKoolkat, she already has a following under MayaThePoet moniker. As a teen, she travelled to South Hadley, Massachusetts, United States to study African Studies and Creative Writing at Mount Holyoke College. She then returned to South Africa and took up a fellowship in writing at the University of Johannesburg.

During her MayaThePoet days, her spoken word poems touched on Race, identity and politics as common themes which later transitioned into rapping under her current moniker Sho Madjozi. As mentioned above, her collaboration with Okmalumkoolkat on the track ‘Ngiyashisa Bhe’ was really her mainstream starting point which was soon followed by the hit single ‘Gqi’. 2017 came and Sho Madjozi featured on MsCosmo’s ‘Ay Baby’ song with Rouge & Moozlie. Also famous for her traditional fashion looks, Sho Madjozi has now become a household name that has graced a variety of stages all over the world such as AfroPunk and many more.

Black Motion

Super house duo, Black Motion, have for so many years kept footsteps ahead of the music industry with their art since they formed in 2010. Both Robert Mahosana and Thabo Mabogwane have earned themselves an international status over the years. Black Motion started earning the respect of the whole country and world when their hit ‘Banane Mavoko’ featuring the late Jah Rich kick-started their success. Through their journey they have worked with the likes of DJ Oskido, DJ Mthi, QT and vocalist Bantu Soul, among so many others.

The way they perform on stage has set them apart from other acts because not only does their energy evoke electric emotions but their usage of vocalists and keyboard players and percussions has created an unmatchable Black Motion experience. In 2011 they released their debut album called Talking to the Drums which was soon followed by the Aquarian Drums album in the year 2012. Having already performed & created fanbases in the UK, Portugal, Angola, Namibia, US, Botswana and so many other countries, this year Black Motion dropped their Moya Wa Taola which is currently still being praised for its delivery again in 2013.

Moonchild Sanelly

Okay, so If you can bluntly admit and say that you don’t who Moonchild Sanelly then you might be lying to yourself because there is no way that you’ve never came across ghetto funk artist Moonchild Sanelly somewhere in your life. He combination of music, fashion and dance has transcended her artistry to global levels. However, Moonchild is no newcomer to the music scene as she has, over some years, been busy with her music. Now because of her unique approach in sound, her major recognitions first and weirdly came from her international performances.

It’s just only recently that the majority of South Africans have caught on and started appreciating her sounds that fuse elements of experimental electronic, afro-punk and pop. Her frequent collaboration with the likes of DJ Maphorisa have enabled her to earn a bigger fanbase and allowed her to reach levels of the most watched plus versatile artist in the game right now. Can you imagine what she’ll be doing on the #FlavourOdyssey stage!?

Kitchen Mess

Now we must admit that Kitchen Mess is a band that we’ve only just discover through Flying Fish and from what we’ve been exposed to about them, the band is steadily growing its presence within the music industry. Having already performed on a variety of stages, Kitchen Mess make use of live instrumentation and vocals to give listeners soulful experiences. Delivering soulful and jazz sounds is what Kitchen Mess seem to do best (with occasional covers too) and its for this reason that we actually can’t wait witness them do their thing on the #FlavourOdyssey stage!

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