Dickies #LookTough Campaign

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Dickies is renowned and recognized as the quintessential American workwear brand, and has reserved that notion for the past 100 years. That’s an entire century. With this heritage in mind, Dickies fashion lines combine both function and style to create workwear remastered for the quintessentially hardworking man – whatever his craft. Dickies believes that passion is our work and that great work deserve great style. Our craft is our story.


In telling this story, Dickies has partnered with hardworking ambassadors to bring their latest collection to life with a video series that personifies all that Dickies stands for. In documenting each ambassador’s personal story, Dickies aims to celebrate passion, work and dedication to one’s craft as we get an inside look into the lives of those making waves on the ground.

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If your stage name wasn’t Uno July, what would it have been?

Tommy Jinxx

If you could collaborate with one rapper, dead or alive, who would it be and why?


If asked to compile the line-up for your ideal festival, with 10 acts, who would you choose? And what would the festival be called?

Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus, ASAP Rocky, Corbon Amodio, Mick Jenkins, SZA, Isaiah Rashad, Madlib, Melo B Jones and Ill Skillz.

The festival would be named “What Up Township Fest”.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

Yes, usually I put on my mask before I get on stage.

In which way would you say Dickies is most like the hip hop industry?

As a left-field thinker, the main items I feel like are the closest from a hip hop outfit would be the check shirt, matched with chinos.

You were named in GQ’s SA’s “Top 35 under 35”. Which other accolade would you like to secure under your belt by the time you turn 40?

Probably the best rap album at the SAMAs and a headline slot at Coachella.

What is your earliest memory of the Dickies brand?

In Xhosa culture, when we return from initiation we normally wear the khaki Dickies suit for about 6 months.

You are invited to The Grammy’s, which Dickies item would you wear?

The check shirt as I mentioned, the navy bomber jacket and also chino pants.

Describe your collaboration with Dickies in 3 words…

Creation, Comfortable, Wavy.

When would you say you are at your most inspired or creatively stimulated?

Normally during midnight when everyone is asleep.


Visit the Dickies website to watch more of the hard-working video series at www.dickies.co.za.

Follow Dickies on Instagram and Twitter at @DickiesAfrica.

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