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As we’ve been mentioning, the come-up stage of any artist has always been an important one during the journey. Some have started off as low-self esteemed rappers and then quickly emerge as super-confident stars, while others find themselves along the way, picking up the game’s gems and learning from their failures. Either way, it’s really important to keep an ear on the streets to find out who’s next to go to the big leagues. This time HYPE checks out four different musical acts we think have got something brewing.


Age: 19
Repping: Mozambique, USA, Cape Town
Releases: ‘Ex Bitch’ (single), ‘AFTERLIFE’ (single), ‘tbe’ (freestyle), ‘SWIISH’ (single), ‘Daddy’ (single)
ASON has definitely raised our interests since we came across his music on the net. The young rising star’s sound is of a qualitative nature and his ability to adapt to a variety of sounds puts him on a competitive advantage point, if you ask us. The game has always been in need of different artists who can satisfy different cravings, and ASON has got that covered. Keep watching the kid.
Twitter: @LeauxBoy
SoundCloud: ASON ++

Astryd Brown

Age: 26
Repping: Soweto
Releases: ‘RAIN’ (feature), ‘Addicted’ (feature), ‘They Know’ (single)
Singer, songwriter & recording artist from Eldorado Park, Astryd Brown is one artist you also have to lookout for. Currently under the powerhouse label Playground Productions, her vocal capabilities and versatility keeps her one the frontline of artists bubbling under.
Twitter: @Astryd_brown
Facebook: Astryd Brown Music


Age: 23
Repping: Pretoria
Releases: ‘Pretend’ (single), ‘Clueless’ (single)
Ephraim is a young kid on the block who’s been gearing up to tackle the game with some of his fresh sounds. He makes use of some vocals laced out on hard-banging instrumentals to deliver some soul-related sonics that are always carried out with some deep (sometimes romantic) lyrics. The kid has the potential to give the people something reviving, and hopefully this co-sign will encourage whoever is reading this to go check out what he’s got.
Twitter: @Ephraim_DOA
SoundCloud: Ephraim_Doa

The Big Hash

Age: 17

Repping: Pretoria

Releases: The Big Hash Theory (EP), ‘Hot Sauce’ (single), ‘Levels’ (single)

The Big Hash is a young artist whom we’ve recently been introduced to, and from the sound of his music he’s a burning flame that is waiting to explode in the game. The kid already has a handful of music to share, and it’s that discovery that has convinced us something ‘Big’ is coming (excuse the pun) …

Twitter: @peacebeyondme

SoundCloud: The Big Hash

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