Extra Cold To The Last Drop

Just over a week ago New York Runway ZA truly came to a standstill when Africa’s largest premium beer brand, Castle Lite, came through an took over the runway with one show-stopping new cutting-edge innovation – the new Castle Lite 250ml, which is made up of a stylish faceted neck that hints at the extra cold refreshment that one will surely get if they make the right beer choice of course!

“We are passionate about innovation, with a premium design aesthetic, that plays, collaborates and experiments within design, to unlock extraordinary enjoyment for our consumers. With this in mind, the Castle Lite brand continues to break new ground in serving extra cold refreshment in every occasion” Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker

Yo, don’t get it wrong… This new 250ml is not only at the cutting-edge of product design but is furthermore all about sophistication and style, but its faceted neck design has also inspired music creation with a renowned music producer, Simon Ringrose aka Sibot, as well as local rap sensation, Rouge, who actually created a track that was inspired by the design of this bottle.

And in attendance at the New York fashion week, Rouge was heard saying, ‘they’ve done it again; they’ve upped the game’. As a leader in trendsetting innovations, the launch of the new 250ml follows off the heels of the recently launched Cold Lock, a world-first innovation that saw South Africans experience a secondary packaging that keeps beer extra cold for over 3 hours with no need for ice or a power supply.

Now HYPE got the opportunity to have a sit down with Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker to discuss the new 250ml Castle Lite #ExtraColdToTheLastDrop campaign, how Rouge got involved, Castle Lite’s growth so more.

The premium and stylish new 250ml bottle joins a long line of innovations from Castle Lite. In 2013, the brand introduced their unique 2-Stage Cold Indicator. This was followed by the Ice Core cooler in 2014 and the first-ever re-sealable 910ml returnable pack in 2018. The Castle Lite new 250ml is a first in the South African beer category.

“We still maintained the same extra cold Castle Lite that consumers know and love, however whether at home or dining out, the new 250ml is the ideal companion for those who know that sometimes, less is more. Extra cold to the last drop, the smaller serving size and sophisticated shape make the new pack both attention-grabbing and unique. We considered our consumers preferred beer drinking occasions and launched a convenient size to suit their extra cold enjoyment experience”

Castle Lite new 250ml – #extracoldtothelastdrop


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