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First of all, you might have caught wind that this year Post Malone will be flying down to South Africa for the highly anticipated Castle Lite Unlocks extra cold 2-day experience and second of all, we don’t think anybody can deny the fact that Post Malone’s story is an interesting one but even knowing that won’t really stop how dope it is to revisit it so here we go…  Almost three years ago Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, arguably became one of the hottest artists in the world. Many got introduced to the artist via his hit called ‘White Iverson’ that even had Post Malone labeling himself a one-hit-wonder but of course we know that wasn’t true. Yo! Imagine calling yourself a one-hit-wonder!? That’s crazy because today one can’t go a day without hearing the song ‘Congratulations’ visit ears.

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Post Malone has always been an unconventional artist that has had to really convince the entire world that he hadn’t planned to do this music thing on a short-term basis. Rather than conforming to the trends of music during his breakthrough era, Post Malone has been credited for his ability to create a signature sound that blends sounds from hip hop, rock, pop, country and probably more than we’re mentioning into one complete sonic boom. It was also quite fascinating to learn that father (who raised him along with his stepmom) had been a disc jockey in his youth and actually introduced Post to all these different genres of music. And you know the popular video game Guitar Hero? Yes, well we all can thank that game for injecting Post with the interest to pick up and learn how to play the guitar which again proves that video games aren’t such a waste of time MOM!

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What’s the best way to describe Post’s music actually? Perhaps you don’ even have to try because Post is simply a music maker in the purest. It’s even been said that the first thing when making music, that Post Malone has a cigarette in the studio, pulls up some unfinished tracks and then heads home which is usually when the inspiration of the song hits. You boy even has a guitar in the bathroom which he plays and uses to create. Even when you look at all the relationships he has formed over the years with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign and so many other, you can tell that Post Malone’s music caters to everyone… Take ‘Rockstar’ for example, a rock-inspired song that has some hip hop infusion through the 21 Savage feature, the song’s reach alone is groundbreaking because who knew that hip hop heads could bump their heads to a rock song right? That’s what makes Post Malone Post Malone!

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But of course, any great artist’s journey is incomplete without some obstacles and in Post Malone’s case, he was quickly branded a “culture vulture” because of his ties to hip hop culture in his sound. His debut album, Stoney, went triple platinum in a short period of time which many claimed that without the hip hop influence his commercial success would not exist which we will leave to your own interpretations, but we won’t hate on the pure grind. Yes, to those that don’t know his origins, Post’s story seems like an overnight success story, but then did you know that ‘White Iverson’ was first uploaded to his SoundCloud account? And because of the amount of attention the song was getting within a month he signed to Republic Records, then performed at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday celebration which caught the attention of Kanye West, who then recruited him to collab on “Fade” from West’s seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo. In short, an internet artist grabbed the opportunities presented with both hands. You can’t hate on that…

His relationship with Justin Bieber, that found him as the opening slot of Justin’s 2016 Purpose World Tour could also be credited for increasing his fan base because Justin’s diverse fans suddenly became his fans which, if you think about, made Post a powerhouse artist that caters to a bunch of us.  So when we look at all these things that have merged the type of artist that Post Malone is today, you can finally understand that Castle Lite bringing him down this year is a pretty huge deal! So not only have we just briefly summarized his impressive artistic story (we haven’t even mentioned his accolades here) but we have even excited ourselves more about his coming at the #CastleLiteUnlocks experience! This year Castle Lite will be thrilling us all with an epic extra cold two-day Hip Hop experience. Tickets for the Castle Lite Unlocks two-day experience have already started selling like hot cakes and hopefully, you managed to scoop yourself one.



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