The VIBE Edition

Now it’s no hidden secret that SA hip hop culture continues to reach levels unimaginable and it’s this progress that has predominantly pushed known boundaries aside to make way for the unstoppable VIBE the culture transitions with. Since announcing the end of our regular print issues (2016), HYPE Magazine has embraced the need for growth and cultural development through the release of the quarterly collector print issues. So far two editions have hit the shelves, with the latest one being the FRESHMAN Edition which is best recognized as “The People’s” issue because of community’s participation in selecting the seven HYPE Freshman (2017).

Now collectors three, titled The VIBE Edition (May/June/July) in collaboration with The Hustle Season 2, is finally on the way and by the time this issue drops the year 2017 will be approaching its mid-term and certain artists would have solidified their brands within our hip hop community. The VIBE Edition aims to specifically shine a spotlight on those that we believe are LEADING SA hip hop culture, not only through the music but through their mindset, innovation, spirit, lifestyle and overall VIBE. And as the culture continually improves and transcends, The VIBE Edition will take pride in being a portal of unique editorial content, visuals, interviews and aesthetics. So celebrate SA hip hop’s continuous expansion with us #BelieveDaHype #VUZUHustle

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