[Cover story] Courtnaé Paul: The Jill of All Trades

This story appears in HYPE magazine #44, available here.


From South Africa to the world

 Written by Lesiba Mankga

South Africa is a country that is rich in culture and talent, and dancing is one of the few things we do best as a country. Have you heard about the world-famous dancer with impressive athletic skills and numerous wins and acknowledgements? This talented individual has a playful, humorous and creative style of dance that will amaze and inspire the next generation of breakers around the country – and the rest of the world. She is a great breaker who can connect with the audience using precise facial expressions. If you’re looking for a b-girl with strength, control and balance, then look no further than our cover star, the amazing and multitalented b-girl, Courtnaé Paul. She is one of the few who represent South Africa on breaking world stages and is breaking all the barriers while representing our country all over the globe. We had a conversation with her regarding her career and everything that has been happening in the world of breakdancing. Best believe DJ Kool Herc, who is widely regarded as a pioneer and godfather of hip-hop, would be very proud of the dance moves Courtnaé Paul pulls off on stage. 

“Dancing was never part of the plan. I didn’t even know breakdancing existed when I started dancing in chruch. 

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