Discover the sounds hidden between the walls, structures, and designs that come together, building the urban party culture that is Johannesburg, South Africa, with DORMANTYOUTH.


A non-binary architect, inspired by the spontaneity, wildness, constant flux, the method in all the madness and fast-paced energy found in every corner of the city, to create their own pockets of stillness for the queer community. This was all a research method to complete their master’s dissertation – and now, their destiny.

Don’t be confused, their stillness is merely a space, where they craft sets that blend electro, techno, hard bass, and abrasive sounds with soothing melodies, to offer a reimagined approach to the urban club culture for queer communities while opening it up for those who simply want to lose themselves in intentionally designed sounds.


As they continue to study, master, and craft a specific blend where architecture meets DJing, DORMANTYOUTH, is just getting started as the DJ whose sets offer a thesis into the urban culture that is the City of Gold – one to be studied by the rest of the world.

Make sure to visit https://diesel.co.za/track/DORMANTYOUTH/ website to listen to the DORMANTYOUTH mix. This will also be showcased on the global nts.live/projects/diesel-tracks website.

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